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To expedite requests for review copies, include the book’s title, author, and publication month, and the name of the publication or station for which you are working. You may include additional information, such as links to or copies of your work and/or informationabout what types of books you cover, so that we may refresh our database. Your request will be reviewed in a timely manner. Media inquiries, requests for review copies, and institutional orders for bulk purchases should be submitted to


Please note: We do not send review copies to individual consumers.


Buying from RealWorks Press:

If you just need one or two copies of a book for personal use, then order through Amazon (paperback or Kindle), Barnes and Noble, iTunes or independent book sellers everywhere. If you need multiple copies for your organization, classroom, or workshop, contact us directly to place a bulk order and save 20% when you order five or more copies. We print in and ship from USA, UK and Australia—allowing the lowest shipping costs in these countries. To place a bulk order, please email for details and pricing.  As always, bookstores and libraries can order our books directly from Ingram Content Group. 


To arrange with our publicity department for an author appearance, please e-mail your request, Attn: Author Appearance to


At this time, RealWorks Press is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.
RealWorks Press does not assume responsibility for any unsolicited manuscripts which we may receive. As such, it is recommended that sole original copies of any manuscript not be submitted, as the limited liability corporation is not responsible for the return of any manuscript (whether sent electronically or by mail), nor do we guarantee a response. Further, in receiving a submission, we do not assume any duty not to publish a book based on a similar idea, concept or story.
The preferred and standard method for having manuscripts considered for publication by a major publisher is to submit them through an established literary agent. We cannot recommend an agent for your work; however, we can suggest such guides as Literary Market Place for agent listings and their contact information. There are also online resources for writers interested in learning more about the process of submitting manuscripts to agents and publishers. A good place to start is the Authors Guild.


Permissions is a grant of rights for the use of an excerpt from copyrighted material to be used in another work. Examples might be a short quotation from one book used in another book, a poem to be used in another book of poetry, a chart from a book to be used in a corporate newsletter, a short story to be copied for classroom use, etc.
Your request should include the following information about your use:

  • Your publisher;
  • Title, author, editor of your publication;
  • In what format(s) you intend to publish (Hardcover, paperback, CD-ROM, e-Book, audio, etc.);
  • The tentative publication date (month and year) of each format of your publication;
  • The length (number of pages) of your publication;
  • Your complete contact information including a mailing and e-mail address.

If you’re seeking permission to source information that is attributed, locate the information pertaining to the original source for the material you wish to use. That information is relevant to your request.
Send Written requests to apply via e-mail:

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